Increase Co., Ltd.

As a Contract research organization (CRO) Support for the development of medical supplies, medical equipment, foodstuffs, etc. with a broad range of services

Quality Policy

Here at Increase, in order to support the development of medical care and improve the QOL for people, our employees always strive to provide greater service, understanding their roles and taking on their work with a sense of duty.

A broad range of services

Our work consists of a broad range of services. We provide support for clinical trials, conduct DM/statistical analysis, conduct post-marketing surveys and post-marketing safety management, offer strategic regulatory consulting, and support the development of medicine and medical devices. We also engage in manufacturing/sales operations for cosmetics and other non-medicinal products.

High quality work

We engage in work from the viewpoint of our clients, using our experience and advice from specialists well-versed in clinical studies to conduct high-level quality control and accurate audits. We always strive to provide the best possible service.

Coordinated information sharing

We conduct meetings and facilitate a high level of cooperation with our clients while maintaining tight-knit information exchange, always striving to carry out our work efficiently.

Staff training

Our company holds in-house seminars taught by lecturers to learn new information related to medicine, pharmaceuticals, pathology, and engineering. And as part of our continuous education, we attend lectures, workshops, research conferences and academic meetings, gaining knowledge that can be utilized on the job.